Yes! Pigs are amazing pets for the right families.  They are sweet, cuddly, and incredibly smart!  Pigs can easily be housetrained and our piglets leave us trained to use a potty training pad.

A pigs intelligence is comparable to that of a 3-4 year old child.  You are essentially adding a new child to the family!

Do Pigs Make good pets?


Support!!!  A pig is not a traditional pet.  You will need support on this adventure.  We are available to answer any questions before you decide to add a pig to your family.  We encourage questions.

We also provide advice and support for the life of your pig!

We want our piglets in lifelong homes!  Let us be your mini pig breeders.

Key to success with your pig?

 We love these pigs and are excited to connect families with the pig of their dreams! 

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Charming Mini Pigs is home to a variety of sizes and breeds of mini pigs!
Juliana, Juliana Minis, Kune Kune, Meishan, African Pygmy Guinea mix, Guttingen mix Pigs.
  Please see our About Pigs page for more details and definitions of breeds and size to find the perfect pig for your family!!



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